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January 2012 - Valentines Day Special GlossyBox

        Hi, my name is Fi or Fiona, I'm 19 and I'm hopefully going to be studying Chinese and Business & Management at the University of Manchester in September. I took a year out to earn some money and re-sit a couple of exams and I now currently have a job at Hobbs.
 This is my first ever blog, I thought I'd write a few reviews on Glossy Boxes to get started. Like most girls I love cosmetics, particularly nail polish, skin care and make-up.  So I thought I'd write about them too because in the future I'd love to be a buyer for Sephora or something.

I absolutely adore GlossyBox and the whole concept of it, I know there are other beauty boxes such as Carmine but I haven't tried those. I am definitely always going to stick to GlossyBox and I don't see the point in trying any other beauty boxes (unless they were a present.) 

There has been a lot of disappointment regarding this month's glossy box, I have only had two before this one and I definitely wasn't disheartened because I love the fact I get a treat every month.
I did, however, absolutely adore the Christmas special one, they really went all out on that one. I'll do a quick review on that one just to compare the two boxes.

I apologise for the bad pictures by the way, this one was off my phone and the rest are off my dad's really good camera. I'm just not great at taking pictures of objects in a fancy artistic way.

Rituals Foaming Sensation Shower Gel Yogi Flow
This shower gel is gorgeous! The smell is so fruity and stays on my body all day long. As it foams up, personally, I find it works well as a shaving gel.

Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle and Stripper to Go Sachet
The nail varnish is perfect, best christmas colour and good for a night time nail too. Really got it right with that one. The nail varnish removing mitten is really good, it doesn't seem like it's harming your nails at all and is really quick at taking the varnish off.

Nouveau Lashes Noir Msacara
I use the mascara daily but will have to get rid of it in a couple of weeks because I don't like to keep mascara for very long, especially because I have contact lenses. It's pretty good, I've had a Chanel one before and that was amazing so I'm always quite critical with mascaras now.

Fab Essential Face Cleanser 
The face wash actually works wonders, it reduces redness after I use it and in the morning I always wake up fresh faced by using this in my skin care routine.

Cargo Classic LipGloss
Finally, the little lip gloss. It's such a cute colour and it stays shiny for a long time which is really handy. It's easy to pop out and re-apply though throughout the day.

The January Valentine's special Glossy Box:

(Another apology for my photography)

I love the hot pink box this month because now I have a light pink one, red and hot pink boxes which look really good in a pile in my room. It looks nice and full and I like the little extra GlossyBox sweet we all got too.

Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer £29 30ml
This primer is actually a little bit too dark for me, I'm not really pale but during the winter I like to stay my natural colour on my face so that my make-up doesn't look too heavy. I have only tried this primer once but I'll give it another chance because it is supposed to good. 

Davines Moisturising Balm £17.40 150ml
I haven't used this as a hair wash because I don't tend to use things that moisturises my hair because my hair doesn't get dry, if anything it will get greasy quicker. But it works well on your body and face and has quite a nice lavender smell to it! 

Davines Moisturising Nectar £18.25 250ml
Wow, another Body and hair wash in this GlossyBox! This also smells lovely and work really well on your body and is quite creamy on my skin.

FAB Gentle Body Wash £10 226.8g
I haven't tried this yet but I do love FAB cosmetics, it smells lovely though and I'm really excited to try it. I will have to keep some body washes aside because I have got sooo many in my shower and bathroom.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner £9.50 per pencil
I absolutely love the design of  this eyeliner, it's so elegant and sleek. I got this eyeliner in the powder pink colour. Admittedly,  I have actually swapped it with a girl who really wanted that shade because she had the plum colour eyeliner. I have naturally blonde hair but very dark brown eyes so plum looks lovely. It's so lovely and creamy and neat and so easy to apply!

Thank you GlossyBox, I can't wait for the next one!

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