Monday, 6 February 2012


                          Stella Mccartney Sam Silk Satin Playsuit Lingerie, Michael Kors Espresso chronograph watch & Nars Kuroko Kabuki Collection.

           Very soon I might just have to purchase these items. The Nars nail polish collection is the more realistic option than the highly expensive underwear but, I still can't resist any of them. My boyfriend doesn't do Valentine's day either so I won't be getting any nice surprises any time soon. I also have a couple of much needed summer holidays to be saving up for so it will be even harder to put some extra cash aside for these. I will probably be wanting something else by the time that happens anyway.
          Asos are giving five people the chance to win up to £500 of their Save Items list, so I have taken full advantage of this opportunity and spent about an hour and a half last night carefully choosing and adding up mine. Some of mine include a gorgeous navy blue fisherman jumper by Ralph Lauren and some OPI nail varnishes. 

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