Tuesday, 10 April 2012

iSpeak China

        I found this article on a photographer called Adrian Fisk's website, who travelled around China,  to find out what the younger generation in China today really think about their life. Especially because of the shift of power within economics, politics and culture from the west to the east, it is interesting to see what people between 16-30 actually think about what they are in life today.
        They were given a blank piece of paper to write down anything that they wanted and Adrian Fisk photographed them. Some of the photographs are of people holding blank pieces of paper, this is because they are illiterate. These are people like farmers, who work out in fields in the middle of nowhere and live for their animals and crops, they don't have means of learning how to read or write.
This made me realise how China really is still a developing country, which is why, despite the fact there are a million millionaires in China, the GDP is extremely low. There is such a contrast in China, but this country is one of the fastest to develop and triumph, economically.
I've selected just a few of the many people Adrian photographed all around China.

Avril Lui 22 years, Post Grad Student, Guangxi Province
'We are the lost generation, I am confused about the world'

Zhang Shuang, 18 years, traveling in Inner Mongolia
'I am enjoying exploring China on my own'

Chow Liang, 17 years, hair stylist student, Gansu Province
'In adults eyes I'm a bad person in society, but in fact I am a very obedient person'

Ma Xiao Lian, 19 years, Qinghai province
Illiterate,  'My husband and I want to become migrant workers so we can work hard to make ourselves and our parents happy'

Lim, 22 years, Student of party politics, Beijing
'Do not judge China from the media, because the real China is not on the papers'

Li Qi Sheng, 30 years, Computer Science Teacher, Guangxi province
'Huge cultural differences exist between the East and the West. Do not tell us what to do' 

Rainbow Su 22 years, Student software engineering, Guangdong province
'I'm worrying something, girls in China is becoming materialistic, without house, my girlfriend would not marry me. My parents can not help me either, So I need to get a good job with high payment thats what I totally want.'

Luo Zheng Chui, 30 years, Farmer, yunnan province
'After watching television I have many thoughts, but I know I cannot achieve them'

Ba Te Er, 18 years, was a Mongolian herder but due to a ban of keeping livestock, now a tourist guide
Inner Mongolia
Illiterate, 'without my horse I am nothing'

Adrian Fisk is a brilliant photographer and has captured some amazing things, he has also done another interesting project called ispeak India, you can check this out here. He is also in the middle of developing ispeak Global, which I am keeping up to date with via twitter, here is his twitter account 

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you Adrian Fisk for the amazing photos.


  1. this is a really cool project, the pictures are amazing! x

  2. I know, would have been so interesting to have done! Thanks for commenting!