Monday, 2 April 2012

sì yuè er hào - 2nd April. My new Chinese adventure

For the past few weeks I have completely abandoned my blog, I couldn't think why at first but now I've realised I just don't have enough to say on fashion and don't have an interesting expensive lifestyle, considering I'm basically a student. I also don't want to take pictures of myself in different outfits all the time, I really can't be bothered, but I am still really interested in fashion. However, my main passion in life is China and learning Mandarin so that will be the main topics of my blog. 

My title, by the way, is in Pinyin, which for those who don't really know much about learning chinese, it's the official system to transcribe Chinese characters into the Latin script. It just translates to the date today!

I have always been interested in Chinese culture and have been to many many Chinese restaurants in my life time, not only in China itself when I went in 2010, but also around Chester and Manchester area. Of course, the famous Yang Sing in China town, Manchester, my family and I have known the owners for years and have been going since before I was born. There is a lot of history to go with this restaurant, it was founded in 1977 and have been in the media ever since. The restaurant was left devastated by a fire in 1997, leaving them with no choice but to temporarily move to a different location. In 1999, they returned back to the original home all newly furnished. The restaurant was also on t.v for a while, filming the refurbishment, after the fire.

 The decor is formal and fancy but the food and service doesn't quite live up to it's reputation anymore. We now have a new favourite Chinese in Manchester, it's a little casual restaurant called Happy Seasons.  The food is delicious and it's always busy with mainly Chinese people, which is always a good sign! It's authentic and the prices aren't bad either. We're so glad we found this restaurant because it's such a little gem that I'd be happy to recommend to anyone.

However, my ultimate favourite Chinese restaurant is called the Shanghai in Hoole, Chester. We've been going for a good few years now so we now know the lady who owns it well, the service is so attentive and friendly and the food is so so delicious. 

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