Tuesday, 3 April 2012

sì yuè sān hào- 3rd April, Yuyuan gardens & Old Shanghai

      I was reading an article on the many faces of Shanghai, which had some really interesting pictures for example, the Bund (there's a picture of me at the Bund on the first post yesterday,) the western colonial buildings of shanghai and a lovely picture of the Yuyuan gardens and old Shanghai. The article mentioned that there is a tea house on the garden lake, this really excited me because I love tea and it would be ideal to have it over looking a pretty lake.

This is the picture taken from the article I read.

I knew on my trip to China in  2010 we went to some parts of old shanghai, but I wasn't sure which part. I remember it was bustling and lively and the buildings that we saw were beautiful, really traditional red and black chinese houses with the gorgeous elaborate roofs, they're my absolutely favourite! I decided to look up the Yu/Yuyuan gardens because I know it would be somewhere that I'd spend all my time, when I go to shanghai in three years to study. I really recognised it, but I assumed that was because we'd been to lots of pretty gardens during the trip and sometimes the buildings all look familiar. I double checked the itinerary that we were given and on 1st April 2010, we did actually visit it! 

These are some pictures that I took from that day.

I stole this picture from my boyfriend because he has some nice ones too, I'm sure he wont mind.

   I'll probably be doing posts almost everyday at the moment, just because I have so much today say on China in general. 
Hope you enjoy my posts

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